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Matthew's Favorite Knitting Sites

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   Welcome to Matthew Yee's favorite knitting sites.  Please visit any of the following links below to find out more information about the subject of knitting.

Name of Website Comments
Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Matthew really enjoys looking at many knitting books and supplies.  You can also find news and class offerings. He would hope that someday he will be able to visit their brick and mortar store.
Matthew loves watching their TV shows on the  Do-It-Yourself channel!  He appreciates looking at the variety of knitting projects and books that are shown on the show.
Another knitting brand that Matthew loves to buy skeins to make his beautiful handmade scarves! You can access their library of free knitting patterns also.
One of Matthew's primary knitting favorites! He often goes to Lion Brand to print many of their free knitting patterns. They also offer instructional guides on knitting and crochet, newsletters, and much more!

Additional websites will be added in the near future.  If there are any other websites that you would like to tell us about, please let us know. You can visit the "Contact Us" link above.


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